Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Men in Black 3: Triple the Fun Movie Review

Men in Black 3

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway."
Someone says that in MIB3. The Movie Slut doesn't remember who. But the quote sums up her feelings about this hilarious second sequel.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back as the special agents in charge of extraterrestrial control. And those oozy-goozy, gloriously gross  immigrants from outer space have returned, too. Most notably, Boris the Animal, (seen below) who's been incarcerated for decades in his very own moon prison. (A Newt Gingrich idea?)

MIB3 involves time traveling back to 1969, which adults will appreciate. Was Andy Warhol really an alien?
Josh Brolin steps in as Agent K back in that groovy time and is a smashing Tommy Lee Jones impersonator.

MIB3 is not for everyone. Young children could be traumatized. But anyone over the age of 10, who loves icky aliens, time travel and tongue-in-cheek action-packed humor, should forget the curse of the sequel and zip on over to the closest multiplex.