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Jobs Movie Review

Jobs (2013)

With all due respect for the Supreme Court, corporations are NOT people. But if they were, Apple is a company that seems to have a pulse and heartbeat and the ability, if not to love, then to be loved.'ll have to excuse the Movie Slut for such hyperbole. But she's been an Apple believer and lover since she took her first bite. She's never owned another computer. She knew it was a superior product even when it was looking down, if not out. Then, of course, there was the comeback.

Jobs, the movie, was not embraced by many critics. But maybe the problem is the title. What if the movie were called Apple? It is, after all, the story of the company as much as the man.

It opens in 2001 with Steve Jobs introducing the revolutionary iPod. Then we go back to the mid-'70s to meet the visionary who believed that what we wanted now was not a chicken in every pot, but a personal computer on ever desk.

The MS remembers those early days when home computing was in its infancy. The movie captures the exhilaration of the time when this new, seemingly miraculous, machine was being introduced. She read everything she could about it. She took courses to learn to operate it. It was the future.
The movie captures all of this, as well as the ups and downs of the company and the man.

Some critics complained that Aston Kutcher was out of his depth in the role. Not so, the MS says. He carries the movie and does a superlative job of reminding us that you don't always have to be one of the pack, that you can risk failure, that it's OK to follow your dream when others are telling you it's a nightmare.

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