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Son of God: Great Movie Review
Son of God (2014)

The Movie Slut is no expert on the Bible old or new. So she recruited one to join her at the multiplex on opening night. The theater was packed for the 7 p.m. performance, with families and children, some barely old enough to walk.

The expert confirmed the veracity of this account of the life of Jesus, from birth to resurrection, but did say the scenes of torture and crucifixion were not child friendly.
Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado, in the leading role, is already a Jesus Christ superstar. He stars in The History Channel series, from which the movie was adapted. Like the prophet he portrays, he has a large and adoring flock of followers. to, "No other
 character, historical or mythical, has inspired as many movies as Jesus Christ has." BTW, the first on hipster's list is a 1905 silent film titled, "The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ."

For the Movie Slut, however, this was a first, if you don't count the musical. And though it sticks to the basics, skirts over many parts of the story, she recommends it for adults into this kind of thing.

curious about this film, you can see it online for free. click here

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