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Transcendence Movie Review (2014)

The Movie Slut wanted to love this movie, this cautionary tale about human hubris. Or is it folly? Or are they one and the same? It's about scientists who fail to see the logical reprecussions of their work. But she had to settle for like.

Will and Evelyn Castor (Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall) are the brains behind an artificial intelligence experiment that aims to enable robots to transcend human intelligence. Needless to say, segments of the population (call them Luddites, if you want) foresee danger around this hairpin turn. say this is a classic Frankenstein story, only this time it's not science that runs amok. It's technology. And that sounded brilliant to MS. Also on the plus side was a shape shifting theme that muddied the waters between the good guys and bad guys.

So what went wrong?

The focus of the flick also got muddy. You might ask what's love got to do with it? Why are we suddenly submerged into contemplating the enduring nature of love, a fine theme for a film, but not one with so much else that should have remained in sharp focus. the end, Transcendence doesn't transcend the level of a pretty good popcorn movie. A shame, when it could have been so much more.

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